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Subjects (preliminary program):

  1. What is Integrative psychotherapy? Introduction to integrative psychotherapy and psychosomatics. Basic principles of integrative psychotherapy and main schools.20 hours
  2. Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic theories: Freud, Jung. Main psychotherapy concepts.  20 hours
  3. Integrative Body psychotherapy.  I-st module: Alexander Lowen, Wilhelm Reich, Waldo Bernaskoni. Theory of five characters. Developmental psychology body psychotherapy/Neo-Reichian model.  Theory of 5 needs (prof. Waldo Bernasconi). Muscle blocks. 20 hours.
  4. Integrative body psychotherapy. II- nd module. Theory of personality. 20 hours.
  5. Psychosomatics. Introduction in psychosomatics. 1-st module. 20 hours.
  6. Psychosomatics. II-nd module. 20 hours.
  7. Mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. 20 hours.
  8. Psychophysiology. Neuropsychology. 20 hours.
  9. Dance therapy. 20 часа
  10. Existential Psychotherapy. 20 hours.
  11. Psychiatric disorders and psychopathology. DSM V, ICD- 11
  12. Psychodiagnostics: projective and personality tests. Assessment in psychotherapy. 20 hours.
  13. Family and systemic psychotherapy. Emotionally focused therapy. 20 hours.
  14. Bioenergetics /Lowen, Reich/ and bioenergetic breathing. Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. 20 hours.
  15. Psychosexual disorders and psychotherapy. 20 hours.
  16. Research in integrative psychotherapy. 20 hours.
  17. Group psychotherapy and group dynamics. 20 hours.
  18. Emotional intelligence and competence, emotional regulation, and competency. 20 hours
  19. Ethics in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy as a legitimate business. 20 hours.
  20. Psychopathology and psychological assessment. II- nd module. 20 hours.
  21. Psychosomatics III- rd module. Medically unexplained symptoms. 20 hours.
  22. Simulation of a psychotherapy session. The practice is 160 hours for the whole period of training.
  23. Psychopharmacology and general psychiatry. 20 hours.
  24. Transpersonal psychology. 20 hours.
  25. Psychotherapy communication. Interview and anamnesis. 20 hours.